update Cubase 8.5 and stopped seeing Vienna Ensemble Pro

Hello! I can not understand !? Installed update Cubase 8.5 and Cubase stopped seeing Vienna Ensemble Pro ???
Switching to a previous version of Cubase 8.0.30-all works perfectly (Vienna Ensemble Pro is visible on all 3 computers)!
On the computer where you installed Cubase Vienna Ensemble Pro, just opened, while the remaining 2 computers Cubase Vienna Ensemble Pro does not open (Cubase Vienna did not see)? Already to reinstall Vienna Ensemble Pro and to no avail!
I Thought Network can act up, but everything is okay, computers see each other, and then to the previous version of Cubase everything works.
The first time I meet with.
Maybe somewhere you need to put a tick?
Help me please!
Sincerely. Sany :blush:

In my testing of 8.5:

All working here with C’pro8.5 & VSL Ensemble Pro both with local instances and those on the network.

Check your Firewall settings to make sure nothing is being blocked for Cubase and the VSL.

When you first opened VSL Ensemble Pro in Cubase 8.5 you should have got a dialogue that asked if you wanted to allow it through the Firewall.

Good luck getting it sorted.