Update Cubase Elements, Synth Master update problems?

I want to update my product called: Cubase LE AI Elements 7 64bit

I wonder which of the following options I should choose:

  • Update from Cubase Elements 6/7
  • Upgrade from Cubase LE / AI 6/7/8

These options are in the buying part in Cubase Elements 8

There is no CB software named Cubase LE AI Elements 7.

Open your CB and check for the exact name in the file 》about menu then choose the correct upgrade.

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There are many different upgrade paths to get from older versions of Cubase to a newer version of Cubase.

The description “Upgrade from Cubase LE / AI 6/7/8” means that this specific upgrade path is available for users that own a “Cubase LE 6”, “Cubase LE 7”, “Cubase LE 8”, “Cubase AI 6”, “Cubase AI 7” or “Cubase AI 8” license.


Ok, I have Elements…

Another thing I was thinking about the update:
Can things in the songs changed? settings such as volume and more…

I had done a song in a VST pluggin called Synth Master 2.6, and when I updated to 2.7 changed the sounds I made, and I had to redo them from scratch…

I therefore wonder whether the same thing could happen in Cubase when updating.

So, of course you are going to choose the upgrade path from the Cubase Elements 6/7 option.

I never had a song sound or volume change because of a Cubase upgrade. But, revising or upgrading the vst instrument could very well change the sound. Even if you don’t upgrade Cubase. That’s because the sound in the upgraded vst software could be different (even if the sound is named the same). So if the vsti sounds are the same the song should not change because of a Cubase upgrade.

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