Update directly to C12 from a version prior to C11

When someone updates directly from say Cubase 10 to Cubase 12, will he/she be able to run Cubase 11? In other words, if you don’t update your license to 11 now, will you still be able to run Cubase 11 (when you update to 12)?

Since they didn’t talk about what happens for people who update from earlier versions, I figure the version you update from will be left on the elicenser.

So in this scenario you keep Cubase 10,

But it’s a good question to get precision on from SB.

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I think I would upgrade to 11 just to be sure because they are changing the license from the dongle. I have been using C11.0.30 for a while now running good.

Yeah if you’re going to upgrade to 12 anyways, might as well just buy 11 now, get your dongle up to the last version and you’ll get the free update to 12 as soon as it comes out anyways.

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