Update Doriko Elements 2 Education to Doriko Pro 2 Education

Hello everyone! How much does the update Doriсo Elements 2 education up to Dorico Pro 2 education cost? I did not find this information on the page Doriko.

FWIW I never hear of a Dorico Elements Education… I thought there was only one price, 99€/$
You might be better off by selling that licence and getting a Pro Education licence. My 2¢…

Dorico Elements is indeed available at an educational price – just €66.99 inc. German VAT, or possibly less if you buy from one of our reseller partners.

However, you can’t trade up from an educational license to the Pro product: you can either buy the Dorico Pro 2 Educational product (list price €329 inc. German VAT for the download, €349 for the boxed version) or buy the Dorico Elements to Dorico Pro upgrade (list price €449 inc. German VAT).

As Marc says, you would actually be better off buying a new Dorico Pro 2 educational license.

It’s sad. Thank.