Update doubts

Hi here I brought you 2 doubts

nuendo 13 continues with 3 activations like nuendo 12?

Nuendo 12, effectively 12, can it still be activated and deactivated? and can be activated on 3 machines?



When updating, your Nuendo 12 license will be replaced with the Nuendo 13 one. You can activate this license on 3 machines which also allows you to use Nuendo 12 on these machines. So, effectively, you still have 3 activations in total and not 3 for each version. :wink:

for example…

Machine A Nuendo 12 & 13
Machine B nuendo 12 & 13
Machine c Nuendo 12 & 13

“Tomorrow” i deactivate Machine B and day after tomorrow i active a machine D with Nuendo 13 and 12 too???

Yes. But you only activate Nuendo 13 on the different machines. This license automatically allows you to use Nuendo 12 as well. After the update, Nuendo 12 is no longer listed in the Activation Manager but only Nuendo 13.