Update download and installed.. where is the changelist?

I’ve download and install the update. It’s very fast now. I’ve seen the Youtube video with changes. Where can I find a list what exactly is changed? (The video describes a lot but there is an scissor tool in the menu, not described in the video :slight_smile:)

(very happy with I saw in the YouTube video, great works!!)

The change list is here.

A proper blog post to accompany the update is coming, but I’ve not finished writing it yet.

Thanks Daniel!

A lot of changes! More then the video. Great work. The change list is very good described. New features and resolved issues. Very happy

Hopefully not too many new bugs! Though I think there are a couple related to note input, which we will do our best to squash as quickly as possible for the next update.

Very impressive list of new features and fixes! Can’t wait to watch the video and try things out…

An astonishingly long list of improvements and fixes, given the time since 1.0.0 was released. Hats off to the team!

I was not expecting this! It’s like release day all over again - loving everything you guys are doing! :smiley:

No sorry… what I mean is the list with Resolved Issues. Sorry for that mistake :astonished:

There is a link to this version history document in Daniel’s blog post:


Yeah, and I also linked to it in my first reply to this thread, John, you muppet.

Well done team.