Update for Dorico Elements

Just bought for a few weeks Dorico Elements for 75 euro and now there is already a upgrade for 30 euro …fantastic.
So is there a chance that i get this new updtate fro free , considering the time of purchase i did some weeks earlier?

If you somehow managed to buy Dorico Elements 3 or earlier recently, then you are entitled to a free grace period update to Dorico Elements 3.5. Run eLicenser Control Center and let it perform its maintenance tasks and you should find that the license shown there is automatically updated to version 3.5.

Dorico Elements 3.5 was activated by me on 23/11/2020
Meanwhile there was recently a update for Dorico Elements
So i got the newest version of Dorico Elements then, because the free grace period?
Can i download he latest version of Dorico Elements then?

The Dorico Elements 3.5.10 update is a free maintenance update. You’re probably already running it. Check the About Dorico window (in the Dorico menu on macOS or in the Help menu on Windows).

Yes, i see it now it was a update from dorico 3 to 3.5 for 30 EURO
So it got the latest version then…check this.