Update for iOS16

Please update the IC Pro app! My workflow depends on it, and it doesn’t work at all now… Screen upside down, it won’t find any connection etc.


Please, Steinberg dearest! :pray:

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Confirmed that it is doing something weird on iOS16. This is what it looks like now:


Here also. IC pro broken on ios16 :frowning:

Same here… Screen sideways. Unusable. I use this almost everyday I need this fixed please ASAP!!!

Oh yeah, the GUI is broken on IOS 16.

Please fix this, it is so important when you are doing drum takes by yourself!

I knew I shouldn’t have upgraded.


Try Avid Control, it’s free and works better than IC


Me too

Yeah … same here. The app works but is lock in portrait mode.

The Apple developers site details new screen orientation flags for iOS 16.

Its not a big fix but its required!!! Can someone at SB take a look PLEASE

I hope Steinberg will react soon now to update cubase IC for ios 16, since we notice that a lot of users face the same problem

The problem in this paid (and not cheap) app last forever…
It seems more and more, that Steinberg wants to just charge money, but they don’t care about the customers so much.

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In my case it’s the same with IOS16. As soon as you want to type a number for the ip-adress, ic-pro
is closed immediatly… what a mess…
I use it for recording drums…

This is a nice recommendation and it works fine.

But isn’t it kind of totally absurd? I’m using Cubase, Dorico and Wavelab because I like these products and made the switch from using AVID products: and now I have to download an AVID product to have a remote controll for my Steinberg product?

Come on Steinberg…

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cubase IC has been pulled from the app store. They are evaluating on what to do next.

Hi all,

We are sorry about your inconvenience.

Cubase iC Pro will soon be back in the App Store, supporting iOS16/iPadOS 16 and Mac computers with Apple silicon. The update also resolves several user-reported issues.


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Thanks very much for the update Lars, as you can see a lot of us use this app professionally. Do you have an idea when the new version might be available? Cheers.

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Hi @Wheels,

Please be patient, Cubase iC Pro will return to the App Store this month.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Stay well,


That’s great news, thanks Lars.

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Thanks to our great engineers… :slight_smile: