Update from 2.2.20 bug (resolved: not a bug)

The attached file is a greatly reduced flow from a rather large project I updated to version 3. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why Horns 1, 2 weren’t condensing. Turns out there are two key signatures for this flow (Cmajor and Aminor). The signposts are not visible for some reason that I also don’t understand. But if you click on the key sig panel on the right you can see the two key signatures used in the flow. If you click on them one at a time one of them will disappear and the horns will condense as expected.

I subsequently updated my large project by doing the above and it is now condensing this flow correctly.
test.dorico.zip (1.29 MB)

You can’t see the signposts because you’re in transposed view and you’re using Horns (no key). This is an unfortunate series of coincidences, but I can’t see how it’s a bug.

I had other instruments at some point. And I saw two key sigs at the same place. Removing one fixed the condensing issue.

You’re right about the sign posts not showing for the horns. But there shouldn’t have been two key signatures.

Horn 1 has a local key signature. Horns 2-4 have a global key signature. That’s why you have two key signatures.

Yep, you’re right. I see now how to deal with this. Not sure how horn 1 got a local key sig. This file has been in progress for months, so it’s difficult to remember all the things that could have happened.