Update from 7.5 - risky?

Hi There - If I update from 7.5.3 to 11 Pro, can I go back and forth between versions with no issue if Pro 11 doesn’t update cleanly/without issues?

Thank you - please forgive my my lack of knowledge on this if this is a really simple question/answer.

Yes. Just keep 7.5 installed and you can use both.

Yes, and you can also install and use any version from 3SX upwards to your new 11 licence as long as you install those versions.

Awesome, appreciate the responses!

Wow - solid update process and REALLY impressed by the performance improvement all around, especially on VST instruments - very fast and fluid.

Even on my 5 year old laptop, i5 6200U, 8GB Ram.

No issues opening older projects from 7.5, running 3rd party plug-ins. Really glad to have done the update!

Thank you Steinberg!

Pro 11 gives you the possibillity you install Elements. You cant not install Artist and Pro at the same time though. You have to choose between them This wasnt possible before.

I did the 30 day trial for Cubase 11, on a new pc windows 10. I had one important issue that couldn’t be solved. So I figured I’ll go back to my stable 7.5 version. Now 7.5 won’t open.