Update from Cubase 11 also updates C9?

Hi to all…

In 2022, I bought an update Cubase 11 → 12 which I never used and want to give away now to a friend.

I know that such an update always updates to the newest version. At the time of purchase, 11 was the latest version before 12 and as such the update was for 11 only.
Today, an update from 11 is only available as a “universal” update for all versions from 4 up to 11. My question now is: Can my update today be used for older versions also (my friend still uses C9)? I.e. is my update today the same as the update available at Steinberg for older versions than C12?

Thank You.


I don’t think so. I believe your old update will search for a dedicated Cubase Pro 11 license. Once the license is there, it will update to Cubase Pro 12 and thanks to the Grace Period, it will update to the current Cubase Pro 13.

The update from 11->12 was a ‘special’ one. It will use your eLicenser and update the license on there and move it to the new licensing system. It has nothing to do with anything prior to Cubase 11, and only deals with 11 to set your eLicenser status to ‘Upgraded to Cubase 12’…

Its specifically an 11->12 update, nobody can update an older version with it, it needs Cubase 11. Plus, if you use that Download Access Code now, it’s going to update your eLicenser and give you Cubase 13.

Thank You guys!

Have to find someone with still C11 now…