Update from Cubase SX3 - How? Need help fast!!!!!

Was having problems running SX 3 on my new Macbook Pro. It appears that one of the solutions is to update to Cubase 4 at least. Id there an update from SX 3 to Cubase 6. How would I do that. Also, will Cubase 6 run well on a Macbook Pro with the following specifications:

2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB (2x2GB) RAM, 320GB 5400rpm. I also have a Presonus Firepod.



I hate to sound like an idiot, but does that mean that the Macbook can handle Cubase 6?

I will need to defer to a smarter Mac person … I’m just a PC guy :mrgreen:

Well if you looked at the minimum requirements, you can see that the specs you gave us in your first post match or exceed them with the exception of not knowing what OS you are running. If it’s 10.6 or better, then it looks like you’re in. The numbers of these requirements are not platform specific.