update from OSX Lion to Mavericks! is it a clean update?

i am quite afraid to make the update. What are your experiences on this?

Thank you,

Aloha d,

Up-dated/graded from:
Lion (10.7.x) to Mountain Lion (10.8.x) to Mavericks(10.9.x) and never had a hitch.

You should have no probs going directly for 10.7 to 10.9.

Couple of things to just make sure:
1-Your machine can make the change. (My laptop is stuck at 10.7.x because it can’t go any higher)
2-Do general maintenance stuff. Permissions/de-frag/clean caches etc. The free app Onyx is good for this.
3-Back-up Back-up Back-up Back-up Back-up just in case.

Good Luck!

Once you do update to Mavs, (and before running Cubase) use it for a while (a few days if possible)
because it is quite diff from Lion. Many new changes afoot.

thank you!

Hi Curteye,

What keeps the Mac tied to a maximum version of the OS … My daughter had to bring her MacBook Pro to the apple place for them to upgrade last fall and then she was able to update online after that. Something I never knew.

I would like to buy her the new OS but that’s how we’d hit that roadblock last time. She is using Lion currently…

No issues on 2012 MBP. 7.5.10 Runs better on Mavericks.