Update from Version 4

Can i update from version 4 from Magix?

What i need or have to do?
Do you need the Serial of the Magix Version?


I don’t think you would need the serial number. I updated from v5 to v6. No serial number needed, although SLPro5 was installed on my system.

Thank you for the answer.

–> Licensing

Thank you, but that’s not answer my question.

Apologies, to answer your question, yes, I was able to update from SL4 to SL6 without needing to enter my SL4 serial number, I presume the installer detected the already installed SL4. So just download the installer and run it, and enter your activation code (from Steinberg) when requested. In an earlier post, Robin clarified the following:

In my case, as I already have licenses on a USB-eLicenser, I was able to activate the license, run the installer and everything just worked.

Thank you very much. Now i have so much information that i feel enough sure to buy. Fantastic!


how do you install this if you don’t have SL4 installed on the machine you want to use it on ?

Did you find the answer? It is my question too!

I simply installed it and it worked.