update installation fail


i have 2 computers. on desktop i could update from 7 to 7.1
but on my laptop (win8) i get this message (in french so i try to translate)
“the installation package for nuendo 7.64bit can’t be found. Try to run Windows installer with a valid installation package Nuendo7_64bit.msi.”

i tried to download it twice but i get the same message.
any idea ?

Have you tried update / re-sync your e licenser control center …might be related ? :confused:

Has nothing to do wie elicencer. Only that Steinberg cannot programm correct update.exes

I have the same issue. Any resolution?

5 month without beeing able to update this thing !
my version 7.0.40 is buged i try to remove the appdata folder but i have same bug.
can someone tell me how to update this thing ?