Update Manager...

I think an update manager, like the Native Instruments Service Center, would be great. It would know what products you have and what version and compare it to the latest version. It could probably be incorporated into eLCC.
I was trying to make sure I was current and i noticed Triebwerk, on the about screen said 2.xx. The download page lists 1.1 as the latest and the “Programs” list in Windows Control Panel said 1.0. I downloaded the installer, ran it, and it said i was up to date. An update manager would be much easier. I would welcome it!

Of course, this applies to all SB products, but i put it here since Cubase, for me, is the flagship product.

+1, when having a lot of plugins I have noted that often I’m running outdated versions. Just saw some announcement of an updated version and I’m up2date again.

It’s hard work sometimes to keep all plugins in a good overview, so definitly a yes but wish all software companies would see the benefit and start building it into their plugs!

+1 to this idea too.

I notice Toontrack have just launched their version of this type of service recently.