Update mayhem - Clean install?

I just received my Cubase 6.5 update. Actually, I should say I received my Cubase 6 box with a licenser key that updated my key to Cubase 6.5 when I registered it.

I currently have Cubase 5.5 and I’m wondering what the best way is to perform a clean install.

If I want to re-install the entire Cubase software, do I have to install version 5.5, then the upgrade to 6 (the box that I got today) and then upgrade to 6.5 (via grace period installer) and then upgrade to 6.5.3 (I don’t like pre-releases, so I’ll hold off on 6.5.4 for now)? That doesn’t seem very efficient and I’d bet there’s some residue from the older Cubase versions.

Is there some sort of Cubase 6.5 installer for a clean install?


You can get rid of 5.5 entirely (or keep it and install your new version alongside it, they can coexist without problems). The installer on the CD is a full installer for 6.0 so you don’t need 5.5 for that. I don’t know of a full 6.5 installer, but updating 6.0 to 6.5 and then 6.53 shouldn’t leave any residue, since these updates were designed to be incremental.
Although I do agree it’s a bit convoluted to use 3 different installers. Maybe Steinberg updated the 6.5 updater to 6.53 already though, that’d save you the last step.