Update not possible loss vst - help!

Hello everyone, unfortunately from version 1.80 I can no longer update because on many vst I lose my customizations. Let me explain better with an example, with Omnisphere I made my own memorized lead sound. From version 1.81 when I update and enter the vst omnisphere via the layer I have “default preset” so the initialized sound. Same thing happens with other vst like GSI BURS, KEYSCAPE, ARTURIA…it’s as if my custom and regularly saved sounds get lost. It happens on both windows and mac. So I can’t do updates and there are new things that I would be interested in having. Finally, if I downgrade to version 1.80 my correct sounds come back out and everything works fine just roll back to version 1.80. You can check why I can’t update anymore. Thank you

Could you pls send us a .vlprj file (nothing else needed) which shows the problem? Maybe a short description which plugin sound is not loading as expected, then we can take a look, thanks!

Thanks, I attach the project. It does this on many sounds but only with versions later than 1.80. and on all the sounds that I have customized. I don’t know if you want, I’m also attaching a sound … but just take one from omnisphere for example, customize it, save it as personal and it won’t read it anymore.
Thank you all


Thank you, but cannot download, not subscribed to Google. Could you send another way? It should be small, just PM, or send to m.spork@steinberg.de, thanks!

Send by mail


Got your file, and found some problem.
Could you pls let me know one specific Layer in your project that doesn’t load correctly? Best would be built-in (like Halion Sonic) but others should do as well. Thanks for helping!

I didn’t understand what I have to do because the layers load them correctly on all the songs and I have no problems during the performance with version 1.80. If there’s a problem I can’t intercept it. So can you tell me the steps I have to do for the test you ask me to perform?

It’s ok, will find out myself, thanks.

for example the song n2. ANNI DI FRONTIERA , the vst omnisphere dosen’t load correctly patch. Load patch init (default) and not my patch

Ok, will check,

Don’t have Omnishere here at the time beeing.

When loading your project, “DECADANZA - BT - VIDEO - MIm” is selected. Switch to Layer view, change first Layers’ Halion Sonic from “Cinematic Strings” to “1990 Synth Strings”. Then save, quit VST Live, start over and load saved project: “1990 Synth Strings” it is.
So what can I do to reproduce your problem, using the project you sent with version 1.1.84?

I don’t know… otherwise maybe I figured out how to fix it. As I said, the problem is:

  • on VST presets that I customized and saved with my own name (LEAD FF for example)
  • Happens on many VSTs, see GSI BURN, Omnisphere, Arturia, Keyscape etc and always and ONLY on CUSTOM sounds.
    If I were you, I’d try one of these PLUGINs, for example Arturia, customize a sound, save it with your name with version 1.80, then update to see if the problem occurs. If it shows up you should understand how to solve it if it doesn’t show up it means that the causes are different and then I could send you the project file with version 1.80 and then with version 1.85 and you will see that you will find differences in the sounds contained in the layers

wait - what exactly are you talking about, as it looks like we’re possibly heading in the wrong direction? I understood that you make changes in Layer Instrument plugins in their editor, like changing paramers (dials, faders, or internal preset selection) which are not restored when loading.
“VST Preset” as in the menu in the header of a plugin editor is an entirely different beast, so pls try to describe exactly what to do to reproduce it, thanks!

So I tried “ANNI DI FRONTIERA - BT - VIDEO - SOL”, Layer “PIANO MASTER L2” Analog Lab, changed its preset to “Jazz Bass”, save, exit, load: all good. Don’t know what the problem is, and it takes time…

Here’s the thing. ANNI DI FRONTIERA there is SYNT BASS ARP FF as my custom sound and not Jazz Bass…
This loading anomaly gives it ONLY on the sounds that I have customized and saved, I don’t know how to explain it differently.
Actions I do.

  • I take a sound from an ARTURIA library (for example)
  • Change sound, parameters, arps, cutoffs, etc etc…
  • I save the sound in SOUND-FF (where FF are my initials of the name and surname to understand that it is my sound) .
    If I open VST LIVE up to version 1.80 in the LAYER it loads SOUND-FF (the correct one), while if I update from that release and later it puts me a standard sound from the arturia library (or others) like it did for you, here’s that you are in LAYER PIANO 2 Jazz Bass instead of my custom sound. And this anomaly exists from version 1.81 onwards first it loads everything correctly so I deduce that something has been changed from version 1.81 onwards. I don’t know how else to explain it other than like this… It’s possible to make a remote connection in the evening so I’ll show you the sounds I have with version 1.80, and then I’ll update and show you that the sounds inside the layers have changed, but ONLY the ones I customized. If you want we can connect to the evening remotely

But how? what do you mean by „save a sound“?
Also still unclear: if you like me take your project, make changes to a plugin, save, load, is it still wrong, or is it only missing from your old project?

I don’t know how to explain it to you… what I mean by saving a sound - Preset

  • Custom Presets
  • Save As Presets


If, on the other hand, I change the sounds, it keeps them but I have 40 songs with 3 or 4 custom sounds for each song … an immense job and then I should first write down all the sounds used for the individual layers …

Assuming you mean Prests as provided in the header portion of a plugin editor:
When you load a preset into a plugin, like from the list in the menu of the plugin editor menu (that’s what I ask: how exactly do you do that? where in the user interface do you save and load prestes, there are multiple ways to do that), that plugin changes sound, filters etc. This has nothing to do what is in the project, it just loads from the preset as if you had twiddled them knobs manually.
Now when you save the VST Live project and load it again, it should come back as saved. This still has nothing to do with the preset, meaning to say it should be ok independent from if the preset is still available.
If all you are missing are the prestes in the list of the plugin header menu or bay, then those assets are probably somewhere else where you saved it (there is a Local/Project switch in the bay), but let us be clear about VST project loading ok first.

Step 1
Version 1.80