Update not possible loss vst - help!

Step 2
View sound into the layer

This preset are modify by me, there are custom sound. NO PRESET Factory. ok?

UPDATE V. 1.85

The same project and song and layer…

The sounds are change. But my sound custom are into setlist Vst player (ex Omnishpere). Why change ONLY sound custom? Because the sound, for exemple HALION String are the same with versin 1.80 end 1.85.
I can’t explain it any other way…

Ok, first, you load the preset in the plugin itself, not from the Presets menu in the header, that is what I wanted to know.
Second, because this takes much time already, I rather ask first: if I load the project you sent in version 1.1.80, change preset inside the plugin, then save and load with 1.1.84, I should see the problem? And would it also show that behaviour if I use Analog Lab instead?

Yes, I choose the sound like this:
I open layer, I check VST, I choose the sound.

While for your second question, it is done on all the plugins that I use, therefore also Arturia, but ONLY with the sounds that I have customized if I leave a standard sound already present in the vst library it remains loaded.
If you check the sounds of ANNI DI FRONTIERA on Arturia you will see that the sound changes

Thank you. I can now reproduce your problem and will check.

You have not been forgotten, but it takes a bit more time, sorry.

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Hope we found it. It is a bug of an older version, probably either in Cubase export, or VST Live import media project. We implemented a repair routine, pls. give it a try.
This fix is not yet in todays’ new version (to be released momentarily) however, so pls. check again with the one threafter (probably prerelease on Friday, as always).

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Ok thanks if you insert it on Friday in the pre release I will test it