Update Nuendo on eLicencer

Hello, first of all I want to tell you i am not a very good english speaker so I’m sorry if i make mistakes.
I have Nuendo 6.5 with licence on USB elicenser. I buy update to Nuendo 12 and I’m not sure if the new product licence will be on eLicenser or local on computer and what is happen with old licence on eLicenser if the new one is local on computer. I will be able to use the eLicenser on another computer?

Welcome to the forum.

Nuendo 12 is not using the eLicenser anymore, instead the license is activated by using the Activation Manager. This tool is installed together with the latest Download Assistant, that you must use to get the Nuendo Software downloaded.

The old license will be kept on the USB eLicenser, but marked as upgraded to Nuendo 12. This means you can still use it as before, you can plugin the eLicenser to another computer, but it will run the old Nuendo release only.

The new licensing system allows you to activate the software on three computers at the same time. You can find all the information you need here