Update of Pro and Performer app?

3 weeks ago I started sniffing on the VST Connect concept and it’s really cool, but I wanted HD and multitrack ability so I bought VST Connect Pro 2 weeks ago. It transmitted audio allright between Cubase 7.5 on my Mac Pro OSX 10.9.5 and VST Connect Performer on my MacBook Pro (same OS) or VST Connect Performer app on my iPad Air (iOS 8.1.1).

No video though from the MacPro, it has a USB Logitech 1.3 MP Webcam C300. Great disappointment. Didn’t work with VST Connect SE 2 from Cubase 7.5 neither. The webcam in my MacBook Pro worked fine.

I have now upgraded to Cubase Pro 8 and the new VST Connect SE 3 handles the video fine, and I have downloaded the new version (3) of VST Connect Performer, but the iPad app version of VST Connect Performer is not compatible, so no connection is established. Frustration.

I’m also frustrated that VST Connection Pro isn’t as elegantly integrated in Cubase Pro 8 as is VST Connection SE 3, now that I bought the Pro version one week before the new Cubase was out.


  1. Will there be a VST Connection Pro update that will integrate in Cubase Pro 8 as snuggly as the VST Connection SE 3?
  2. If so, will it function with my Logitech webcam as nicely as the SE now does after the update from v.2 to v.3?
  3. Will the iPad app version of VST Perfomer be updated to be compatible with VST Connection SE 3 (an a Pro update)?



That’s cool to hear!

That’s good to hear.

I am sorry, “VST Connect Performer 3” is only compatible with “Cubase 8 / VST Connect SE 3”, but …

I am sorry, but … :slight_smile:

The answers are …
1: Yes, a free “VST Connect Pro 3” update will be released in January.
2: Yes, it will work with your Logitech Webcam.
3: Yes, there will be a “VST Connect Performer 3” app for the iPad. Coming soon …

See you,

Thanks for a fast and uplifting answer!
Longing for January.
Happy smiling faces!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Michael - will the January update to VST Connect Pro be compatible with Cubase 7? I also recently purchased VST CP, and was curious what the update will bring and whether it’s just to facilitate integration with Cubase 8.


I can’t tell you the feature set of VST Connect PRO 3, I am sorry. Please be a bit more patient.
The “deep integration” to Cubase is only available with Cubase 8. But VST Connect Pro 3 will still work with Cubase 7+7.5 and Nuendo 6+6.5

Have a nice day,

Now working as expected, thanks!
(VST Connect Pro 3)

VST Connect Performer 3 for iPad is now available in the iTunes iPad app store.