Update old license to activate full version?

Hi all,

Just downloaded the trial of Cubase 7. I’m currently running Cubase 4.5 and would like to update from that.

Does asking for the “download version” at the Steinberg online shop send out just a download link and a code to update the license on the USB eLicenser (thereby simply activating the trial I’m already using rather than having to download again)? It’s £20+ more expensive than buying it at a shop (why is that, by the way?) but if it means one less disc lying about then I might go for it.

Oh, I should probably point out that I don’t have the Cubase 4 disc in my home right now, otherwise obviously there would be no issue. I’m asking if the download version of Update 3 recognises my Cubase 4 license and updates THAT rather than a previously installed version of the program, which would make sense considering the download is the same size whether its the full version or not.

I’m not sure quite what you’re asking. But when you install Cubase 7, whether purchased new or as an “update”, you get a complete new program. Any existing version will remain on your computer, and will still work. Your e-licenser dongle and its associated software will be updated.

There is a somewhat smaller “update” version of Cubase 7 for people who already have Cubase 6. This merely recognises that they already have the sample data for some of the bundled softsynths, therefore it need not be re-downloaded.

Yeah i agree. If you Upgrade or just get the trial you get a whole new DAW. Your old version should will remain untouched - as far as i am aware anyhow.
On a personel note i used Cubase 5 then moved away to other DAW’s but have now returned to Cubase. I find it superb on the whole

Thanks guys. That sounds to me like the “update” version just checks to see if there is a previous versions’ full license on the dongle, and then unlocks the program based on that. I’ve got 28 days left on the trial so won’t do that right away, so if this isn’t the case could someone let me know. Also, if someone from Steinberg can officially confirm it, that would be great.

Not even as complicated as that, I think. What you;re really buying is an activation code, When you go online to activate, if that code satisfies Steinberg’s servers, you get a green light.

If yow owned a previous version, according to Steinberg’s records, you get a discounted price. That’s all.