update on cubase 10 error

People help!!! I bought a flash drive with Chubajsom 9.5 from a friend. we untied from his account elicencer and registered on my account. I purchased a cubase 10 upgrade license. I’m trying to activate but the elicenser does not activate. When you first activate cubase 9.5 I have all registered and in the personal account steinberg I have the product has been activated . I decided to do deactivation-Steinberg Zero Downtime . they sent me a new activation code. I put it in the elicenser, but it won’t activate either. Here is a sample code (0240 **** ***** **** ***** ***** ***** 8706). After entering the code in the activation window in elicenser gives me some error. A window appears and it says- (at least one of the elicenser used in this process has been disabled and cannot be used for license operations. Please contact your software vendor to resolve this issue. the update failed.) when entering the Steinberg Zero Downtime code(0240 **** ***** **** ***** ***** ***** 8706) the same window appears with the activation error. How can I solve this problem? help please. what’s wrong with my elicenser? what could be the catch?


With a license question, it’s always better to ask directly official Steinberg Support.

Did you get it figured out?

I have the same problem upgrading from 9 up to 10. Similar error message. My original license was also transferred years ago to me. I will post whatever happens.

First thing you should do if you expect reasonable help, is post reasonable info on what you are talking about… :unamused:

Ok I was asking the original poster if they figured out their problem, indicating that I have a similar problem. I am waiting for support to help, but just looking around in the forum.