Update on "Nasty Bug" Thread


I have discovered another side effect of that bug I described last week when these three conditions were present:

  • decoding (flac, mp3, etc.)
  • multicore
  • Auto remove converted files

This morning was slightly different with respect to conversion - I was down-sampling a set of WAV files from 24/192 to 24/96. The conversion/downsample completed without issue…but the real fun began when trying to play one of the converted files.

If I let the conversion complete - the batch processor window is emptied and I then I close the BP. Then I drag one of the converted files into the WL audio window and attempt to play it. WL8 immediately locks up. The file is correctly reported as a 24/96 file and my RME audio interface is displaying the correct sample rate etc…but WL seems to limp along with a LOT of CPU - but can never seem to play the file. My only way out is to hard kill the app.

If I close and reopen WL - without doing any conversion - WL can play the same 24/96 file without any hesitation.

If you could check this out - I would appreciate it.



Please send me in PM your batch processor file. Thanks.

PM sent…