Update on Steinberg Licensing terms

This is great news so this means eventually NEW C12 users will be able to access SX versions of Cubase for file conversions ?

New customers purchasing Cubase 12 will completely be on the new system and this license doesn’t cover any legacy eLicenser versions of Cubase.

Ohhh , ok ,well at least it’s a giant step forward anyway , so the dongle will still be required for the older version for now ?

That’s correct.


Wow this is simply incredible, I cannot believe the response to users demonstrated here. I hope the product remains secure and this works out very successful for Steinberg.

Truly, gob-smacked. NOW! GET IT TO US QUICK!! lol :slight_smile:

Edit: Just a question on remote de-activations, will this be possible? Or will we now have to be at the machine and online to de-activate it? i.e. to free up an activation.

If that is the case, what would the procedure be for a machine that has died and has hold of an activation? Appreciate it’s early days as yet so only asking to get an idea on how easy it would be to grab an activation on a remote machine, if all 3 already enabled.

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If you don’t have access to the machine, you can contact support to release the license from that system.


Hi @Matthias_Quellmann ,
Questions following this last info:

  1. Does it mean that the second Cubase 11 Pro license I bought to run Cubase Pro on a second computer in same time is no more necessary ?
    Please confirm that the 3 computers for one license means running on 3 computers in same time .
  2. Does this 3 computers license term also applys to Halion, PadShop2, Retrolog2 ?
  3. Does this 3 computers license term also applys to loops and sound libs for Halion and other instruments.
    Thank your for precision.
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Great news Matthias…now let´s address the important issue, will cubase 12 be out on January 1st?!

It’s all in the FAQs.

You are allowed to install our products on multiple computers, but you can only activate a product on three computers at any one time. A single-user license is intended for a single person, and it is not permitted to use the software simultaneously on three computers.

It will take some time until all Steinberg products will transition to the new system, but everything that is included in Cubase 12 will be covered.


I am a single person, when I play guitar with its midi extension I use 2 computers: one is simply used to access the Cubase VSTs ( cubase is not running but for validating VSTs licenses I need it, Fishman Triple Play loads and runs the VSTs) and they generate an audio output through an audio interface which is sent to the second computer (through a second audio interface) where my second Cubase records the session.
So I am not understanding where I am ? do I still need 2 licences ?

The point is that you are not allowed to share your license with somebody. But you will be covered with one license for your use-case.


I will finally appreciate the move, thank you.
I have always found this constraint very hard.
So I take your answer for final. Thank you again.

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Fantastic, good to know that Steinberg do actually listen to their user base!


this is good news but im still worried.
i have old products on my dongle such as virtual bass/hypersonic 2/groove agent 3/halion player…etc
also third party dongle authorised products such as waldorf/nexus 2
will these transfer over too the new system?
also what if im happy to use the dongle can i still use that or will cubase 12 not work with the old dongle system?

Great news, bravo, and thank you for listening to your customers! These are very welcome changes to your new licensing system! Now please have a happy holiday season and come back refreshed and ready to squash all the remaining bugs in the Cubase 12 beta before release! :wink:

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Now that the requirement to periodically connect our computers to activation servers has been eliminated, I will definitely upgrade to version 12 as soon as it’s released.

I applaud Steinberg for listening to their users and making this change. I wish more companies would operate like this.



I had no problem with the dongle, in my situation, but I fully applaud Steinberg’s ability to listen to it’s loyal customers and make these changes. This gives me a lot of faith in you guys, and I eagerly, but not impatiently, look forward to Cubase 12.


I’m extremely happy about this resolution.
On the initial announcement, I felt, for some reasons, that something deep was about to change down the line.
So glad that users view has been well taken into account. Thank you!!!

I’ve got a question regarding the following scenario.


Will my license be usable by other user accounts on my computer?

For single-user licenses, only the user account on your computer which you use to sign in with your Steinberg ID will be able to use the software. Single-user licenses are intended for use by a single person, not for sharing between multiple users on the same computer.


I use two user accounts on my computer, it’s always me, just different settings and preferences (one more for everything and one specifically optimized for audio).
Will the new licensing system count two licenses here, or just one?

Thanks again so much!

Just a reminder
I kinda understand where you’re coming from (“why replace a tool that works”) but…
Cubase 11 vs Cubase 8 isn’t just about “extra features” but really a lot of big improvements.
To me it doesn’t feel more advanced (complicated) or anything like that, just greatly better, smoother, even simpler to understand

Not at first, no. Please see the FAQs under the eLicenser heading.

No, Cubase 12 will not be compatible with the eLicenser system at all. It will only be licensed via the new Steinberg Licensing system.