Update on Steinberg Licensing terms

Errmmmmm , they did , loads of heated debates and loads of times the Steinberg staff said they were having more meeting to discuss the licences , i’m a numbnut but i still saw they were trying to come up with some sort of resolution ,but i didn’t think it would be this good .
The proper thing to have done really if you loved the Daw you were using for all those year would of been to get a trail version of the other Daw and wait an see what the final results were from Steinberg . You can’t blame them for your hastiness .
I just started to learn Bigwig’s for it’s external modular synth connectivity but now that’s all on hold . it’s totally my own choice , just like you , no one forced you to crossgrade . I trusted Steinberg enough to wait for the release of 12 to see what the final out come was going to be .

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I have been trialling Studio One for a while, that’s why I chose it. This was just the push I needed, it wasn’t a hasty decision. As I say, there was nothing to indicate the U-turn, at best they might have tried the BFD3 compromise of 90-days. It’s all corporate BS, no customer would want any of that (they might not mind, which is idfferent, but I doubt many would actively ask for it).

But as I say, I’m happy for a fresh take on DAWs, so no real loss for me. I still have C11 for as long as the dongle works.

P.S. My idea of a consultation is emailing users way before a decision has been made. I don’t hang out on these forums very much, and a discussion in a thread after the event is not a consultation, but damage limitation.

Anyway, enough about me. I’ve made my decision. I’ll try not to have the door hit my arse on the way out. :slight_smile:

I was one of the forumites that complained regarding usb dongle…
and I was one of the forumites that complained regarding the 30 days online activation.

Today I am very very very happy with the new announcement. Congratulations to Steinberg to hear us and change their initial plans. Thanks a lot.

Now I’m sure that I will update to Cubase 12, and I will pay the updating price with a big smile in my face.

Thanks again


Eh the dongle was fine, phoning home was fine. Just dont change 12 too much, I just started with 11 a few weeks ago and dont want to have to relearn everything over again! :smiley:

Wow… great compromise and solution steinberg.
Thanks !!

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100 % agreed. This was post facto damage control AFTER they announced the 30 day BS.

Anyway, you will like S1 just fine. BFD is no more here as well after their LM issues

Tnx. Thats’s more like it!


Great to have the revised licensing rules. Feels, that Steinberg is listening to their all time users. Thank You !


This is awesome news. Thank you for listening to us your users.

One thing that I’m a bit confused about though. What’s the difference between a perpetual license and a single-user license?

This is really good news. :slight_smile:

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They are the same thing.

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Okay. So under the proposed arrangement, I could technically have Cubase 12 activated on 3 computers simultaneously. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Thank you Steinberg, this is great news, thanks for listening to our concerns and making things better for us, you rock, all the best and Merry christmas.

Wonderful news re update. Thank you for listening to your users!

Yes, but, “single user” license means that while you can have it on multiple machines, it’s only useable by yourself as terms of the license. But nothing has changed in that regard as the current/dongle system is single user too.

For the record, perpetual means that the license doesn’t expire, as opposed to a subscription style license.

It seems to me that the answer of Matthias was clear, if you read the original question of the guitarist using 2 computers running Cubase at the same time. “The point is that you are not allowed to share your license with somebody”
If you use 3 computers in your studio running Cubase at the same time, it’s fine I guess. As long as you are using only yourself Cubase in all the 3 PCs activated it’s okay also to have 1 Pc at home and 2 activated in 2 different studios, if you are the only user of Cubase at the studio. But for the multiple user option of the same pc in commercial studios, I guess that Steinberg will propose a subscription, which seems to me reasonable. And you have still the option to bring your own laptop at the studio and to temporarily activate a pc at the studio. The option to activate 3 machines at the same time it’s generous and will pay back in terms of attachment to the brand. And if even if another person will use the activation of someone-else left back at the commercial studio, Steinberg won’t loose anything for he will certainly buy a personal license to use at home after trying Cubase :wink:

The offline allowance period would have been an absolute show-stopper for me. Very happy to hear you dropped that plan so I’ll be able to continue using my favourite DAW in the future :partying_face:

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Thanks for listening to your customers. I wish other companies would follow suit.


Note that “single user” is not equal to a single person user. It is single as one-user-at-the-time. That is easy enforced with the dongle, but harder with 3 computers simultaneously.
Some years a go I used two systems connected with adat and cubase have support for that. And that will be quite useful during the migration to arm, since one activation can be used on the old computer with all old stuff that still does not work with VST3/Arm/OSX.

Totally wrong. Quote from the announcement:

Please note that a single-user license is still licensed to an individual person, so it is not permitted for multiple different people to use the software, either at the same or at different times. Each activated machine is for your own personal use.