update or replace motherboard?

Hi, I have never updated my motherboard drivers…bios etc, I have a Fatal1ty P67 mobo (which seems to be for gamers)
yesterday I had a go at updating it and got into all sorts of trouble…i installed a restore point before the update attempt but now it will not restore, I’ve been to the mobo’s website but it’s just too complicated for me…

is using something like Driver Detective an option?
if i decide to change mobo’s any advice on the best for audio?
is anyone using an AMD catalyist graphics card?
can you figure out the control center?

advice much appreciated and thanks, Kevin

i would not advice any automated driver detection, since most of them i have seen ar all malware or close to that.

Why should you need a detection tool ?
The site is quite clear in what is needed for that mobo:


kind regards,

thanks for your answer roel, I did go to the site, when I click on the W7 64 bit area there is “a million” things there , some in red (which is scary) am i supposed to download them all ? do i install them in the order they are listed or does it not matter, you see my dilemma…I’m a “puter” idiot :confused:

best, Kevin

Use iObit Driver Booster, no malware just a bit of a configuration to stop it from auto-starting.

If you are concerned about malware (as you should be), then MalwareBytes is the answer there.

You will be surprised at just how many out-of-date drivers it will find (new) device drivers for, even things that aren’t on manufacturers’ website.

Maybe that sounds bad, but it works for me so I have no trouble recommending it being the computer expert that I am.

The best drivers are the one directly on the Asrock site.

I’ve never found order of installation to matter.

As long as you download the drivers in the correction section of the website, it’s hard to screw up the installation.

I have two Asrock motherboards myself and have never had an issue with installing their drivers.

Just install some stuff, reboot, install more stuff, reboot, etc.

The BIOS (now called UEFI) updating with newer Asrock motherboards is even slicker. They have a fancy new feature that will download it and flash the UEFI directly off the internet from the UEFI, itself. It doesn’t get easier than that.

I would do the UEFI first (if you are planning on doing that). Not a problem if you don’t, just a good practice.

I concur, ASROCK (as do ASUS) make great motherboards with brilliant firmware. There is no problem updating to the latest UEFI version, even if you download the file to your C: drive, the updater included in the BIOS will find it, verify it is suitable for your particular motherbard and update it automatically.

If there is a problem, the firmware will revert back, again without any problem.

thank you for your help guy’s…

I’m no expert, but I’ve updated BIOS’s on my ASUS boards and never had a problem… just updated a couple of months ago on a machine I built. I’m wondering if you even downloaded the right BIOS update to begin with??? …I’d double check & try it again, or try another downloaded update, can’t hurt. I would only get my BIOS updates directly from the manufacturers site.

I’ve never tried an automated BIOS update as my music machines are never connected to the internet. I download the update from my internet machine, put the update on a USB thumb drive (it’s recommended to have nothing else on the USB thumb drive, but it works with other files on it) I then take it over to my music machine, which is turned off, plug my USB drive in, power on, and the BIOS update is detected, follow the prompts, reboot and BIOS is successfully updated.

Replacing my motherboard would be my very last resort…before doing that, I’d be tempted to take my machine to a computer shop.

With UEFI, you can download a BIOS file to your system drive and the updater will pick it up.

I have never used the internet to update BIOS because Floppy/USB is no longer needed with UEFI.

Hope that helps.