"Update Plug-in information"

Is it possible to have an “Abort”-button after a click on “Update Plug-in information” (found under “Devices” > “Plug-in Information”? During the years I have bought a lot of plug-ins. Since Steinberg refuses to do little or anything about the horror with x86 vs. x64 plug-ins (dare I mention “VST-Bridge”?) I bought Jbridge. Now and then I have to update the plug-ins and it takes a while, stopping me from being productive:-) Sometimes I wish it could be an “abort”-button…!

Please, at least, consider this Steinberg, please!


You should do a poll on this one. I am wondering if other Cubase users would like to have this option or if they think it is a good use of Steinberg’s resources.

Haha, horror :slight_smile: I sometimes wonder how it becomes so difficult to make a plugin system resilient, but even my iPhone apps crash, and Mozilla add-ons aren’t always well behaved and can crash the main app.

Yes, I think a poll would be very revealing… May I suggest that a way of refreshing only selected plugins would be good too, and maybe a black list as well. Just some things that would make it easier to find and avoid the problem plugins. Judging by the amount of questions here on this forum I’ll bet we all spend a

Finally, I’m really hoping for a Steinberg app shop - I’ve mentioned it before… I feel that if they were to lay down some standards for how we find, install and update plugins then plugin life would be so much easier. A really good example of this is Mozilla where the app itself can check for plugin upgrades as well as let you browse for the plugins. Such a simple system it’s got to be the way to go! I could even imagine quickly auditioning say a tape echo plugin with a client present, and instantly buying it…


Yet again I have to explain that bridges between two totally different systems cannot be completely consistent. Also it is not up to Cubase to improve the bridge (which we are lucky to have at all) but it is up to the 3rd party VST makers to update THEIR product to the new computer standard.
To remind people. There was no bridge between 16 bit systems and 32 bit systems and not a peep was heard.

To reiterate: 32 bit plugs for 32 bit apps, 64 for 64 bit apps. If you need the extra memory what were you doing at 32 bit using plugins with insufficient memory?
It’s not the apps holding up productivity it is unreasonable ambitions.

Please, please please. Get real.

ps: Just seen Steve Cropper. What a player. Shreds shredders to bits at half speed! Wow! Genius. :smiley:

Conman said

Yet again I have to explain

Really? Who says? :imp: