update price

Still on cubase 6.0

Is it just me or does $250 seem rather high for a 1.5 update?

Try to find it commercially: I see overhere in the Netherlands a price of € 179,- (where from Steinberg it’s € 250).

For business purposes IMHO no.

Not for all the great stuff you get.
Upside: Cubase works on Mac and PC.

For personal use; a tossed up.

Logic is just $200.00 (complete).
Downside: Logic is Mac only

Food for thought.

For me if it were not for scoring/notation issues,
StudioOne’/Reaper/Ableton/DP all work well and are not ‘super’ expensive.

so what do you like about 7.5 that is not in 6 (or 6.5 or 7.0 for that matter)

I have not seen many features yet that seem worth it.

But I don’t want to find that I am paying like $500 to update to v 9 when that comes out in a couple of years.

For me (and my particular workflow) just the ‘Track Versions’ feature is worth the $$.

Then add in GA SE 4 and
some nice/subtle improvements to the ‘Score/Notation’ area
and a couple of new toys (Trip/REVelation/LoopMash FX)
and this update works for me.

Plus the whole thang is really stable. (but then again, so is C6)

Good Luck!

Perhaps wait for a demo version of C7.5 before buying anything.
That way you don’t waste $$. Only a lil time.






Of course, each individual user will have to evaluate whether the added features are worth the cost. If they are worth it, buy it. If it seems like to much, don’t buy it. This logic will also work for Cubase 9.