update Pro 10 from 9.5

just bought this update.

but now - have I to install Full Pro 10 first and after that deinstall 9.5? (there is no dedicated update 9.5 to 10)

If anyone could help…

No No, all you have to do is activate your new license in the eLicenser software.

You can leave 9.5 on, and it will still work. Then you can also install WL10 beside it and keep using both if you like (not at the same time ofcourse).

Thank you, Arjan!

Hi, I’ve just bought an update from 8 to 10. and I tried to activate it after installing of update. but, it’s strange, my code can’t be added. I see only this - he activation code is intended to be used by software installation programs only. Please either run the appropriate software installation program, or contact your software vendor to get an appropriate activation code.
Please, help me. I need clear instruction about what to do in this case.

FWIW, the code is added to the eLicenser Control Center app and not directly to WaveLab.


you tell me)))
I have cub and wavelab since 5th vesrion, so I definitely know, how to enter the license code to elicenser. BUT in this situation, I see the very first time when the entered code doesn’t accept and this strange message is shown, which I cited before. So what does it mean “The activation code is intended to be used by software installation programs only”??? I installed Wavelab 10 already so what next?

There is not really enough info here to help. Screen shots of the error messages usually help. Are you surely using the latest eLicenser Control Center app version, and the code you got is a valid upgrade from V5 (if there even is one) or a valid full new license for 10?

after twice reinstalling the latest elicenser it finally accepted the code. it was really strange. but now it’s ok.
thanks for giving a clue, buddy)

p.s., just in case - how to put here a picture? i’ve nowhere seen this option

Underneath the reply box is a button labelled “Full Editor and Preview”. You can click that (even part-way through writing a post) to move to a screen with all the options.