Update question -> Absolute Collection?

Hello everyone,

if I would own the Absolute 6 Collection:
what happens if a single instrument like Groove Agent 5 gets an Update to GA 6? Will I get that directly or do I have to wait till Asolute 7 is out?
I know the Absolute Collection would be better pricewise compared to buying the single instruments. But being able to update each instrument independently is also nice.
To directly have new versions / features when they are available :slight_smile:

Further question:

I have Cubase 12 Artist - it comes with Retrologue 2 / Padshop 2 included.
Can I get the Crossgrade with Absolute 6 for 349€ ?

I’d exactly have the same question(s). But aside from the fact that I’m a Cubase 12 Pro user, owning the same two highlited products shown in the screenshot above (which are automatically included in Cubase), I even have an independent and full “eLicense” for “Retrologue 2” on my USB stick, which is definitely related to a qualified product, allowing any user to upgrade for €349 only.

Therefore, I tried to launch the purchase process at the Steinberg Online shop and I was forwarded to a dropdown menu where I should choose the correct “crossgrade” path. So far so good, but there was no proper option available, namely the process to crosscrade from “Retrologue 2” to “Absolute 6”. I immediately contacted the Steinberg Shop Support in order to report that bug and kindly ask them to add that missing crossgrade option there. But guess what: They just replied that this is not their business! I’m really upset right now.

What’s going on there at Steinberg? Is there a split-brain scenario between the shop and the actual development company? For example, why isn’t it possible to enter the “Retrologue 2” code directly at a special page (or in the activation manager etc.) to “crossgrade” to the propagated “Absolute 6” directly?

Found another post saying that owning Absolute 6 you would have to upgrade to a future Absolute 7. If 1 single instrument gets an update you can not get the update of that specific one.
I’d like to have an official Steinberg answer, to confirm → thank you :innocent:

No, not as far as I remember.

Let’s wait for an official answer for the 2nd question - regarding a Crossgrade.
I also tried and had these options:

A. Is Cubase 12 Artist ( coming with Retrolugue 2 / Padshop 2) good for the Crossgrade?
B Is Retrologue 2 bought independently good for Crossgrade?

Thank you for all the support. I feel like there’s a lot going on in the background to give us the answers that pop up for us users. And with all the products Steinberg offers → there is a lot to cover.

Would be to sweet :yum:

Danke für die gute Zusammenfassung.
Ticket wurde schon eingereicht. Mal sehen, ob bald Antwort kommt.
Wie gesagt, Retrologue 2 kommt im Dropdown-Menü gar nicht vor…

You have to wait until the next Absolute comes out, which usually happens at the same time as major Halion or Groove Agent updates or very shortly after.

No, this crossgrade option is for users who purchased these plug-ins separately.

Thank you for the info!


The guys who answered to me first, denying any responsibility for my reported “crossgrade ordering issue” were from “Asknet”. As it seems, they are just commissioned to run the Steinberg Shop on their host, not more or less. I think they didn’t even know what I was talking about when explaining the situation via email.

However, in the afternoon a friendly guy from Steinberg Media Technologies answered to my ticket, clarifying that my separate “Retrologue 2” instance would be qualified for the desired “Absolute 6” crossgrade; I’d just have to convert my existing license on my USB-eLicenser to the actual Steinberg licensing system first. Of course thats what I immediately did, but it seems that it didn’t help much in the end.

Still I’m stuck in the middle of the Steinberg Shop ordering process which keeps asking me to select the proper “crossgrade option”. As there are simply no dropdown enties available for the “Retrologue 2” upgrade path (this also applies to “Padshop 2”), no proper verification can be started (and therefore also no successful payment). I hope somebody from Steinberg will come back very soon and explain to me how to complete this process.

Steinberg needs to allow upgrading from Cubase Artist and Pro. This continues to make no sense. It includes a ton of the sound content and multiple instruments from Absolute.

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I’m still stuck in the middle of my order process due to the missing options in Steinberg’s dropdown menu. In fact, advertised upgrade paths like “Padshop 2” or “Retrologue 2” (even if proven to be available on independent licenses) are still missing in their shop’s currently implemented crossgrade options.

I’m really not sure what’s going on. I still hope someone from Steinberg is coming back to me and tell me how to complete the purchase. When launching such a new product package update, any Steinberg customer would expect that they have prepared and tested their processes accordingly to make related sales easier for everyone. Instead, in the meantime I feel like someone who has to beg very hard to complte my purchase. After all, it was already reviewed and permitted by Steinberg staff, but as it seems they have stopped to work on that case just because of the fact that related purchase options haven’t been implemented yet within their own settlement processes. I could have completed my money transfer some days ago already. However, it seems that Steinberg Support isn’t working during weekends, not even for maintaining their active shop activities, e.g. ensuring that everything works as expected. I still try to think positive, because hope dies last…

I have Padshop, Retrologue, Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance, Dark Planet and Halion bought separately, but the price for crossgrade is the same as if I had only one of them. Let’s calculate = 349 + 129 + 99 + 49 + 29 +49 = 704, but I cannot get Absolute for more friendly price rather than pay twice for things I already have. (Here is more on my “bad” calculations: Halion 6 → Halion 7 upgrade / crossgrade to Absolute 6

Only after a personal call using their support number in Germany, they were finally able to verify my qualified purchase because of the fact that the mentioned options really were not available and therefore my request had to be treated manually in this case. However, the issue with the shop webpage will be further reported Steinberg-internally in order to fix it and to ovoid such problems in the future, especially for other users.

Good question and in my case, I already own Groove Agent 5, will I also have to wait for the next Absolute version, if GA6 comes out? Will I keep my GA5 licence when buying the crossgrade, or will it be assimilated by Absolute 6?

Your Groove Agent 5 license will be replaced by Absolute 6. Like I mentioned earlier, new versions of Absolute have historically been released around the same time as new versions of Halion or Groove Agent.


Hi R_Tp and thanks for your answer. That’s what I thought.

Do I have any disadvantage afterwards when crossgrading via a seperate Retrologue 2 license to Absolute 6?
Like will it be different (pricewise) in the future when upgrading from Absolute 6 to 7
→ compared to having it bought as full Absolute 6 version now?

Or should i maybe wait for a sale to get Absolute 6?

All Steinberg retail licences are identical, whether they were acquired by an upgrade, crossgrade or outright full-version purchase. The only times where rights differ are educational licences (which are Not For Resale and have usage restrictions) and NFR licences given to dealers, reviewers and the like.

Absolute is often on sale once a year at a substantial discount, but the most recent sale was in November-December 2022. I do not expect an Absolute sale for several months.

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