update question: borders and lines and brackets


In the upcoming update is there:

  • the option to add a border around the text for an instrument change?
  • lines (aka arrows and squiggly lines for ad. lib. and such)
  • bracket edit/engraving options (as in being able to choose if we want to bracket all violins together when in divisi - like it is now - or be able to separate the brackets for violins 1 and 2 when they are in divisi).

Also, is there an estimated release timeline; is it imminent (like in the next two weeks or os) or is it coming in October?


None of these features have been announced, but there is an update expected imminently:


None of the items in your list, mountainmusic, will be addressed in the forthcoming update, but many dozens of other issues will be.

Thanks for the info.

Hi Daniel,

Will there be any update to the Engraving possibilities of Instruments changes or Percussion changes? I can’t seem to change the opacity or hide, for example, the “To Glock” or To “Sus. Cymbals” text. It gets in the way of the actual name of the Instrument change. See screenshot. Any suggestions of how to hide these so I can have the room to put the text of the Instrument name?


You can already change the text for instrument change labels in Engrave mode via Properties, including making them use an empty string, which will prevent them from appearing.