Update question

Hey guys and gals
I don’t really know if I am to install all the updates I may have missed or just the latest one?
I am usually off line but just doing some housekeeping/updates.
I downloaded the latest update for 9.5.
Then I installed the new download manager and it downloaded a similarly named file but about 15mb different.
They are both sitting on my desktop and I don’t know if I should install both.
I have just gone back to an old Macrium Reflect image after a few issues and consequently don’t know if I have to go back further to find older Cubase updates before I apply one or both of the new ones.
The image was from over a year ago but luckily did not have to many other things installed in the meantime.
Tried Googling but could not find one page about “sequential updates Cubase” or similar.

The latest update files are cumulative. So that’s all you should have to install.

Regards. :sunglasses: