Update setlist without having to create a new setlist

In order to modify an existing setlist I load it, change it, then create a new playlist from the modified version. Then I delete the old version. It would be more intuitive if I could just update the existing setlist.

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Not sure if I get that. You can modify any setlist in the setlist editor and apply. If you modify the actual setlist (lets call it playlist to differntiate) you want that to also alter the setlist? Then you‘d have to create a new one nevertheless.
So there would be a setlist which follows the playlist from the beginning? That might be more intuitive, just trying to imagine how to deal with exsisting projects, and users who are used to the current scheme.

I guess it is conceptually whether the set list is just the order of the songs or whether it also includes the modifications to the songs themselves (new stacks new triggers etc).
I have a setlist that I am using live, and I decide to change the amp sim used for the guitar in one of the songs. I make that mod. If I don’t create a new playlist with the mod then when I recall the original playlist that new amp sim has reverted. Is that how it works currently?
I do totally get how making it backwards compatible might be tricky and I creating a new setlist (and deleting the old one) is not the end of the world. It did confuse me at first though.

We will enhance the setlist editor. I guess we’ll just add a setlist which is the current one in the first place such that the actual “playlist” always has a setlist along with it, makes sense.
Don’t know how soon we can make that happen though, for the next version we added a warning when you activate a setlistst.

I think that a setlist should save everything, order of songs and modifications.
We should be able to save, save as, and duplicate setlists.
By the way, I´ve just realized that can´t add or remove songs from a setlist??? it can´t be, what am I missing?

And why does the Setlist column width still not save with project?

(w/o 3 question marks) will be added.

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