Update the stock EQ's

The stock parametric EQ is a bit underwhelming. I think it works well for post-production but for pre-production it needs more fine tuning. Can you guys add more peak options so that we can make tighter notches? As of right now I’ve been using a third party EQ (the stock FL Studio EQ, yuck) to do what I feel a stock EQ should be able to handle. Even when pushing the Q all the way the stock EQ’s really doesn’t notch tight enough. Please add more peak options. Next, can you guys add a band-stop option? This is a shape that silences all the bands except the active one.

I guess I’m the only one. Well if you’re reading this Steinberg please give us more curve choices for peaks and please add more cut choices into the studio eq as well.

+1 I welcome all improvement on the stock plugins as I tend to use these often.

No you’re not… +1 that will be awesome.

I’m surprised more people don’t want this.