Update this blog so that it accepts rtfd (text and graphics)

Making detailed notes with graphics and pasting a rtfd file does NOT work. The text is pasted with silly little bips meaning “here is where a graphic was supposed to be.” But there is no graphic. In order to reconstitute the original rich text the writer has to

  1. Press Shift + Return to break open a blank line
  2. Return to the rich text
  3. Copy one of the graphics
  4. Return to the blog and paste and then wait a long time for the graphic to upload.

Since the document was complete in the rtfd file in the first place this is a HUGE extra workload.

Can we have a more grown-up blog someday soon?

I think your post will fall on deaf ears. Steinberg doesn’t develop discussion forums like these. It’s a service they bought. This particular forum engine is developed and sold by Discourse.

What document are you referring to? Is adding the document as an attachment an option?

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Hello @Sherman_Keene! Welcome to the forum, great to have you here.

I guess you are referring to your post here

This forum uses a simple and streamlined formatting system called Markdown. It’s not designed to accept uploaded documents except as attachments (as @mlindeb said), since the forum is designed primarily for discussion, rather than presentation of articles, literature etc.

But – it works great for writing posts, and you can do complex formatting, which would be quite suitable for your post I mentioned above. The commonly used editing tools are in the editor itself :

If you’re interested here’s a guide on it: Getting Started | Markdown Guide

Here’s a simple guided tutorial: Markdown Tutorial - Introduction

Since this topic doesn’t pertain specifically to Cubase, I’ll move it to the Steinberg Lounge category