Update to 11 or 12

Hello everyone.
Due to some other softwares I CANNOT update my mac from Big Sur.
I still have an old Cubase 9 and i would like (and need) to update it but I see Cubase 13 is not supported. Any way I can update to an older version of Cubase?


You can always buy just the very latest version (which is Cubase 13 at this moment).

But, with Cubase 13 license you can run also Cubase 12. And also… With this update, your Cubase 9 USB-eLicense (I guess we are talking about Cubase Pro 9) will become updated to the Cubase Pro 11 (not upgradable) license. So with the USB-eLicenser, you will be able to start Cubase Pro 11 too.

Just go for the update, no worries. :wink:

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Wonderful, thank you very much.