Update to 5.1.21 is BROKEN?!?!

I’ve tried updating to 5.1.21. I get

Installation failed due to unknown error.
The installer was downloaded to the specified download folder.
To launch the installer manually, please double-click the installer file.

Say what? What specified download file? (I’m on Windows. Nothing in ‘Downloads’).

And now my previous version of Dorico won’t launch. I’m dead in the water. Arg!

Apparently there was a hidden dialog box being presented:

“We must restart your system…”

STEINBERG: Could you please have dialog boxes use the HWND_TOPMOST flag (or equivalent) so that critical dialog boxes like this show up on top of everything else going on on my desktop? A rather important message for us users to get!

Trying reboot. Will report back.

That was the problem. Steinberg did not have the “We must restart your system…” dialog box set to HWND_TOPMOST (or equivalent) so I couldn’t see it. When I rebooted my system anyway, and relaunched the installer, it worked.

Are you sure this dialog box is presented by some Steinberg Installer? I have a bunch of products, including Dorico 5.1.21, and none of them have asked me for a reboot of my machine.

I know this can happen on Windows if some products in the background are doing updates, I had this effect with a Virus scanner.

Have you configured the Download Assistant to a different directory?

At this point, I don’t recall. But rebooting the system did the trick.

I haven’t altered any Download Assistant settings.