Update to 6.5.1

I have loaded the above update and now I have all sort of problems with plug-ins addictive drums, addictive keys, hypersonic. As soon as I add a instrument track of the above to my project cubase crashes with a serious error.
any comments as to how I can fix this problem as our studio is now not functional and cubase is unstable.
I have tried a system restore to before the update but still have the same problems with cubase.

The latest supported update is 6.5.3

Have you tried deleting the prefs?

And try to check updates of Addictive Drums, Addictive Keys and Hypersonic too.

Sorry mis-type I meant update 6.5.3. I will try the preferences delete again. I did try it when I had the problem but cubase worked once and then started crashing again. Addictive drums and addictive keys are at the latest update level as I check it before I updated cubase 6.5.1 to cubase 6.5.3. It seems to be any project that contains these plug-ins.
But thanks for you advise will try and let you know.

I’m using Addictive drums 1.5.3 (full main program + 3 Adpacks) with Cubase 6.5.3 without problems (Win 7 ultimate, 32 bits). I’m testing Addictive keys right now (free edition), and everything is fine too.

Are you running 32 or 64 bits? Windows or Mac? Give us more details.