Update to 8.0.3 crash

Hi all,

I get the attached error when I try and install the Cubase 8.0.3 update.

Any idea what is up?

I run W8.1.



See this article, regarding the “Error Code 1603”, please. I guess, both messages are linked.

Whereis your previous Cubase installed, please? Any specific folder?

Thanks for the reply. I will check that link out.

The installations are stock, as per the original installation default. The only oddity would be that I have Cubase 6 installed too.


It’s common to have more Cubase version installed.

Exactly my thinking.

I was able to install to 8.0.3 via the original 8.0.0 installation media which installed the update itself, but is is not good enough to have to use a 9GB installation to install 250mb of updates. :confused: