Update to 8.5/ Previous licenses erased on dongle key

I updated to 8.5 yesterday. Today I removed the dongle so I could plug in a printer. When I reinserted the dongle it wasn’t working anymore. Looked around for soulutions and updated eLicence Control Center. When I did (and managed to get the key to work intermittently) my authorization for 8.5 was gone. When I re entered my auth, it said the license wasn’t valid. After troubleshooting, I realized my Cubase 8 auth was gone too!! Since 8.5 was an UPDATE, I can’t get it to work, and I can’t find my cubase 8 auth. WTH? Why did this happen? Now I can’t use either!! I’ve got Cubase 7, 7.5, 8, AND 8.5 on my computer now (updated since 7) and now I’m screwed. How do I fix this? It represents a lot of money and time I’ve invested in Steinberg(been using Cubase since Cubasis on OS9). I’m really not stoked on this, since there’s been issues since SX3 and I’ve stuck it out. Can anyone give me a solution?

Thanks for posting this. I am now afraid to try to reauthorize because of your experience with the problem and seeing that Stienberg support for your issue is non existant, just like for my ticket regarding a similar problem. Errrrr!

His problem was with the actual USB-eLicenser and has been solved.
If you contacted support in the US, they will get back to you ASAP.

All updates / upgrades replace the existing license with the new one, that’s normal (in order to have a separate license, you would need another full license, not an update/upgrade).

However, a Pro 8.5 allows to use any previous version, including your Cubase 5 - the only thing to make sure of is to have the latest eLicenser Control Center on the machine running a previous version, as it needs to recognize the newer license.