Update to 9.5 - existing templates


I just want to make sure that my Cubase templates, with hundreds of Vienna Ensemble Pro tracks can be used when upgrading from 9 to 9.5?


To be really sure, you should wait for Cubase 9.5 Trial. In general, I haven’t seen any thread which would report any issue in this area.

In any case, if not, you can use your Cubase 9 with Cubase 9.5 license until it be fixed.

I always keep all of my Templates as both a Template and also a regular Project .cpr file. That way if a Template ever gets corrupted it’s easy to recreate it from the Project file.

No need to wait. Trial is already available.

Right, here.

Ugh. My orchestral template got corrupted today after I reached exaactly 4GB file size (all tracks are disabled). Can’t get back in. Steinberg should put this limit in their manual. Upset!


4GB Template project? What is in the project, please? I’m not aware about any kind of limit. How is your system driver formatted?