Update to 9.5 for wavelab 6users

I bought all upadte from from Wavelab 1 to 6. I din’t update further beacause the database was no more present.
Now I see taht 9.5 have some great features for me but I see in the shop that the update from 6 is not possible without to pay “plein pot”??!!
I hope for a mistake?
Best regards

WL 6 was released in 2006.

Special pricing is usually reserved for those who stay current and upgrade each release cycle.

If I chose to skip roughly 11 years of activity - I would expect to pay full price.

While it’s always your choice to not upgrade - you should be prepared to pay the price for waiting too long.


Also note that Wavelab Pro 9.5 feels like an almost completely different app, it’s much faster to work with than 6, and of course there’s a ton of new features. It’s absolutely worth it at full price, if you use Wavelab regularly you wont regret it.

Since you get to keep your Wavelab 6 license, you can put it on a different USB eLicenser and sell it. The Wavelab Pro 9.5 license can run all old versions of Wavelab.

Thanks for the answer:
Wl6 was released in 2006 : ok
cubase 4 also was releasd in 2006 and we can update to cubase 9.5 with a good discount
Best regards

Dup, did you contact Steinberg directly about this? Sounds to me like you have a valid point, when Cubase can even be bought from SX - and even WL 9.5 from Elements gives you a discount.


Arjan P makes a good point. Attempting to come into the forum here and make assumptions about why one can update from a 2006 Cubase to the latest vs a 2006 WL to the latest - does not get you any closer to an answer.

Steinberg could have any number of reasons why you do not qualify for an upgrade - so calling them and getting the definitive answer is what you need to do.


The reason is not “political” but about infrastructure: the WaveLab market is smaller than the Cubase market, and maintaining a way to upgrade from version “X to Y” has an infrastructure cost that can’t be justified by the very little number of updates from 6 to 9.5.