Update to Cubase 13 Elements from 10.5

Hi everyone,

I had an older version, 10.5 elements on my previous Mac Pro. Now I have a Mac mini and I am using the trial for 13, but want to update my older version to 13 elements. However, thinking I have to install 10.5 onto the newer computer and activate it I am unable to do so since I can’t find my old activation code on my profile, license manager, or anywhere else. I never used a dongle, just online. So what can I do, I just want to pay for an update and use the new version?


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Do you still have access to your Mac Pro and can open the eLicenser Control Center there? If so, your current Elements 10.5 license should be listed there. In this case you can update to Elements 13 on that computer. Afterwards the new license appears in the Activation Manager and can be activated on other computers, like your Mac Mini, as well.

Yes, I can access the old computer but it says Cubase is not activated there. However, I am going to work on getting it activated on the Mac Pro as you said. Have not attempted that yet. Thank you!

I finally got it working, thanks for the help! I am happy the process to get it on my new computer was painless. Can’t say that about the old computer though!

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