Update to Cubase 13

Hello, I have a copy of Cubase 7, I haven’t used it for some years. I’m just a hobbyist, nevertheless I would love to update/upgrade to 13.
My questions are, my copy is Cubase 7, it doesn’t indicate Artist or Elements, so can I assume it is pro, if so am I eligible for the update ? And if I could go ahead do I have to load all previous versions with my dongle, Is my information stored with steinberg - it seems to be on my product page. I apologise for my lack of understanding , as I say I’m very much an amateur.
Thank you for your time, Gav.


Yes, exactly. Previously the “Pro” version had no suffix.

No. Just activate the update and install Cubase 13. You are ready to go.

Very kind of you tom respond so promptly, thank You Martin.