Update to Cubase 6.5.3 in OSX Lion does not work.

I updatet to Cubase 6.5.3. When I restarted, Cubase did not find most of my VsT instruments, and the VST audio is unfindable.
Contacted Cubase support and they said that I should delete the (unvisible in OS X Lion) preferences of Cubase 6. (You can reach these preferences via the menu GO and then choose (ALT) Library/preferences/Cubase 6.
I followed the instructions but this did not work.
Now Cubase support answered 4 days ago to delete following maps in the preferences: Cubase6, Cubase 5, Cubase Essential 5, Padshop. As a layman I find doing this very tricky, so i sent a reminder to Cubase support for any confirmation that this would give result.
Anyone having the same issue?

This is not a reply but a supplement.
I followed the instructions of Cubase support but cubase 6.5.3 does not find my VST audio and any of my VST instruments.
I reinstalled 6.5.1. :imp: