Update to Cubase 9 from V7.5?

Now on Cubase 7.5 and now thinking of V9 since I will be returning to music making in early 2017.

There are many reason to go with V9 but here are the few important reasons for me not to do so.
Please comment

Not multi-touch capable.
No ARA. Can still use Melodyne 4 but is not is not as good as having ARA
No envelopes on clip/events?
No audio fx on clips/events
No more support for 32 bit plugins. Well I can almost live with this.
Overlapping clip/clips on the same track are not both audible. Need it for audio montage. Ok there is a mediocre work around.

The above items are available in Studio One, FL Studio and Sonar. These DAW’s however are lacking the great Cubase midi implementation and several other features.

Any other reasons not to get V9?

If you’re trying to come up with reasons not to update then I don’t think you really want to in the first place.

Wasn’t 7.5 pretty poorly received at the time in terms of stability and usability? I wouldn’t want to go back, personally. Why don’t you wait for the trial?

By the way, Studio One 3 also dropped 32-bit support.