Update to Dorico 5: audio problem

Hi there,
after updating to Dorico 5 the playback is disrupted. I use a playback template (with Vienna instruments) ) and it works as long as it loads as a default playback template. After saving the project and reload it, there is no sound anymore. Also, simply applying the same playback template again, it stops the instruments from sounding. Some projects work, others don’t. NotePerformer only shows the getting started page, etc.
When I launch Dorico 4 again, everything works like it should.
It probably has to do with the audio engine, but this I cannot figure out.
Thanks in advance,

Hi @gerrie ,
your case really sounds like the audio engine crashing. So could you please do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.3 MB)

Here you are.

Hi @gerrie , thanks for the data.
Contained is one crash dump of the VSTAudioEngine and the callstack looks like following:

> opengl32.dll!MakeAnyCurrent() Unknown Non-user code. Symbols loaded.
opengl32.dll!wglMakeCurrent() Unknown Non-user code. Symbols loaded.
[Frames may be missing, no binary loaded for NotePerformer64.dll] Annotated Frame
NotePerformer64.dll!00007fff7ba30f18() Unknown Non-user code. No matching binary found.

I’d suggest you take that dump file and get in touch with Wallander Instruments.

But to make sure it is only that one issue, please try and create a project without NotepPerformer and see if that behaves properly in all aspects.

I just created a project with only VIPro’s with the (now) default VSL Articulate Presets playback template. Everything loads fine but the audio is dead.
When launching Dorico 4 there is no problem. NotePerformer works fine there too.

While that project is open, can you please make sure that the audio engine is running and then create a new diagnostics report, please. Thank you

Strange thing is that when opening another project (made in Dorico 4) with only VSL Articulate (+Synchron Piano) works fine in Dorico 5. Oeps, trying to reopen Dorico 5 after closing doesn’t do anything now. Dorico 4 does open. I have to restart Windows.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.4 MB)
I repeated creating the above mentioned project; audio dead again. Diagnostics report while audio engine is running. (that is in task manager)

This is what happens:

  1. Launching Dorico 5 with default Playback template VSL Articulate.
  2. Create empty template.
  3. Add Single Player (Alto Flute)
    Instrument loads fine but No sound!
  4. Opening Project from Dorico 4 with same Playback template (+ Synchron Piano). Sounds OK
  5. Opening similar project template within Dorico 5. No sound.
  6. Create empty template , add Single Player, like before. This time the Sound is OK! (?)

Things are working again thanks to Ulf for figuring it out. Apparently the old Hammerfall DSP driver seemed to be the villain.