Update to Elements 10.5 doesn't work


I tried to install cubase Elements 10.5 (have Elements 10 already ofcourse).
The icon is on my screen, but when i open it, i get the pop-up ‘no valid license found’. Elements 10 runs so i don’t get it.
Anyone knows what to do?
When i wanted to try and download it again i saw that it was already installed. Still did it again, bur got the same message…

update from 10 to 10.5 is a paid update so I would assume you haven’t bought it or didn’t upgrade your license in the e-licenser

I did buy it, don’t get it…
Had some problems with the e-licenser before too, but now cubase is ‘working’ (have some other issues too…)

Does he 10.5 license show in your ELC?


Sorry, my bad. The license for Cubase 10 appears there, not the one for 10.5. I bought the 10 and assumed the update was part of the deal…
Same with Groove Agent 5, thought that was included too, but apparently i need to buy it separately too?

Crazy thing is that on the first print screen you see Groove Agent is already installed, while on the second print screen (top right) you can see that i can’t select any VST instruments.

But how do i post a printscreen? Without first posting the picture somewhere else?

Groove Agent 5 SE is included, the full version is paid upgrade.

You can post a picture stored on your computer to the forum, just press “full editor & Preview” and find the option for picture

Right>. The SE stands for SOngwriter Essentials? That could be the key to the solution.

Apparently it doesn’t.
When I install Songwriter Essentials for Groove Agent 4 and start the license activation proce it says that ‘the activation code has been used. already’. It’s the same activation code I used for Cubase 10 AI that I got with the Steinberg UR12. (Tried this because i had so many problems with the Elements version.)
When I install Songwriter Essentials for Groove Agent 5 I get this message (pop-up in the Steinberg Library Manager): “No action was performed. The corresponding VST sounds are already registered.”