Update to Elements 12 useful?

I use Elements 10 mainly for editing MIDI with VST instruments, very rarely with audio files. I export MIDI files to a notation program for further work and scoring and parts preparation. Is there any point in updating to Elements 12? I have checked the specs, but see no particular improvements to my workflow. Are there any?

Well you’re going to understand your own workflow better than anyone here. Seems like you’ve already answered you own question.

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Yes, I may have asked the wrong question .The specs don’t show much difference, but what I really wanted to know was if anything had been re-designed or improved (visually and/or functionally) in the key editor, which is what I mostly use (or in the score editor, wich is really poor, but I doubt anyting has changed here).

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No significant changes in the Key Editor. If you use the Logical Editor for editing there have been some additional capabilities which I haven’t explored yet.

A demo is supposed to come out in a month or so.

Thanks for info, will check the demo when available. By the way, only Cubase Pro has the Logical Editor function.

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